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Senior Socializing

Senior Socializing

At Robson Reserve, our goal is to create a community where residents feel excited to meet new people and create lasting relationships, all while enjoying a luxury resort lifestyle. When deciding on events and outings, we keep the needs of our residents at the forefront of our planning. As it turns out, simply showing up to be with a group of people is the best place to start.Lunch and Learn event at Robson Reserve in Goodyear Arizona

Take a look below at the top five benefits of staying social as a senior:

Increased mental health – Staying social has been shown to reduce depression and anxiety in seniors. Keeping social groups, whether new or old, can boost mood and reduce stress. After all, nothing beats a good laugh with a friend.

Provides an increased sense of purpose and self esteem – As we age and move into retirement, some people have difficulty with having a less than packed work schedule. Making plans with friends or finding groups to join can help increase self esteem in seniors and even foster a new sense of purpose or ignite a new passion that wasn’t there before. Take this new free time to explore what you love to do.

Prevents cognitive decline – The more we socialize with others, the decreased risk there is of cognitive decline. Staying social and engaging in stimulating conversations has been shown to keep seniors mentally sharp, and potentially reduce the risk of Althezemiers and other cognitive disorders.

Increases longevity – Fostering social relationships, especially those that lead to lasting friendships, has been shown to increase longevity in seniors. This can be anything from attending social meetups with large groups to, dinner with friends, or even a date night.

Positive health benefits – Not a fan of hitting the gym? It turns out that seniors that stay social, tend to move more and stay active as a benefit. So even if you’re not up for spending hours on the treadmill, getting out of the house and keeping social engagements is a great way to stay moving.

At Robson Reserve, we have plenty of opportunities and spaces for senior socializing. Whether you choose to attend one of our planned events, or spend a day enjoying some of the incredible amenities such as the resort-style pool, the fitness room, or hanging out at the restaurant bar and lounge, our community offers endless ways for residents to enjoy the benefits of staying social as a senior.

With organized tours, events and outings, our goal is to foster a community of wellness for our residents. Contact us today to learn about our leasing options.

Posted by: Jessica Dingman in Senior News
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