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Robson Reserve Health and Fitness Programs

Robson Reserve Health and Fitness Programs

At Robson Reserve, we keep a full schedule of engaging activities for our residents. Our activities calendar is strategically created and guided by the seven wellness dimensions as researched by the International Council on Active Aging.

According to this research, engaging seniors in each dimension of wellness can lead to a longer, happier, more fulfilling life. Take a look at the seven dimensions of wellness and how Robson Reserve fosters each dimension for our residents.

  1. Physical – The physical dimension of wellness focuses on engaging the body in a physical way. This could be through taking a walk,Fitness Facility for seniors 65+ using any of our incredible fitness amenities, or even enrolling in strength training classes. Our goal is to ensure there is an engaging activity for every level.
  2. Intellectual – The intellectual dimension focuses on engaging the mind in some way. This could be through reading, learning or attending one of the Ted Talks and discussions we host.
  3. Emotional – The emotional dimension focuses on embracing different kinds of emotions and learning to focus on our emotional well-being. At Robson Reserve, we offer multiple group discussions on kindness, and the effects that showing kindness to others, and to ourselves, can have on our lives.
  4. Social – The social dimension focuses on connecting with others. This can be done in so many ways, such as a group gathering, a small conversation between friends, or attending one of our paint and sip classes.
  5. Spiritual – The spiritual dimension is intertwined with the emotional dimension and focuses on finding ways to bring peace and harmony into our lives.  For some, this may be through attending a worship service or for others it could be attending a yoga class.
  6. Occupational – The occupational dimension focuses on finding meaning and fulfillment. However, this can become increasingly difficult as we age and retire. We offer different opportunities for our residents to give back and teach their skills to others to find true meaning and connection.
  7. Environmental – The environmental dimension focuses on our connection to nature. This can be found through nature walks alone, with a friend or on any of the incredible field trips we offer.

The purpose of creating activities around the seven dimensions of wellness is to ensure we keep both the mind and body engaged, to live a full, meaningful life. Our incredible Life Enrichment team carefully creates a well-balanced calendar of events that incorporate these dimensions.

To learn more about our activities, social groups, fitness classes and more, call 623-535-1613 for additional information.

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