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Improve Your Health Through Moving

Improve Your Health Through Moving

What if you could live in a place that met all of your exercise needs without having to leave your community? Would you work out more? At Robson Reserve, we believe that exercise should be accessible and a priority for everyone. Whether you’re doing some light stretching, walking a mile a day, or attending a class every morning, any exercise is good exercise.
Maintaining a regular work-out routine can improve your mood, keep joints mobile, decrease bone or muscles density loss, boost memory, and help you sleep. Plus, it’s a great way to be social!

Curious on how to get started? We’ve highlighted some great activities that have amazing benefits and help keep your body at its best.

SwimmingResort Style Pool
Pools are a great way to beat the summer heat and get a little work out in all at the same time! A huge benefit of swimming or doing aqua-aerobics is that it’s easy on the joints. For those dealing with arthritis or weaker joints, using the water to decrease the impact of the activity is a fantastic way to get your cardio up, but not worry about any discomfort later.
Robson Reserve at PebbleCreek features a heated swimming pool with a walk-in ramp, so anyone can enjoy time in the water. With a state-of-the-art aquatic fitness program, you’ll never want to leave the pool!

You already do this a lot, so might as well go a little further and make an exercise of it! Walking can increase mobility, improve heart function and lung capacity, shed weight, and increase bone and muscle strength. You can simply stroll through a park, or kick it up a notch and bring hand weights while you speed walk. Walk Robson Reserve’s resort style community grounds, to soak up the beautiful landscape of PebbleCreek.

Going to the Gym
Sometimes the weather isn’t ideal for a walk or pool time, so an indoor gym can offer many other opportunities to get that heart rate up. Treadmills, elliptical machines, and stationary bikes are perfect for cardio and fat burning. Weight machines and free weights can do wonders for maintaining muscle strength. Enjoy a state-of-the-art fitness center at Robson Reserve with trainers and programs to maximize your gym experience and benefits.

Active senior living at Robson ReserveYoga, Pilates, Aerobics, or Stretching
Whether your goal is to maintain your strength, improve posture and flexibility, or just get a little cardio in for some heart health, exercise helps you feel strong, happy, and healthy. So grab an exercise buddy, or find one within the Robson Reserve community and enjoy improving your health through movement!


Posted by: Jessica Dingman in Health
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