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Benefits of Yoga for Seniors

Benefits of Yoga for Seniors

Yoga, an ancient practice originating in India, uses movement paired with meditation practices to strengthen both the body and mind. Yoga pairs different body movements and “poses” that transition into one another to create a flow of movement. Yoga has become increasingly popular throughout the years, especially in the US.

There are now yoga studios almost everywhere across the country, helping individuals reach increased physical and mental strength. Due to the many benefits of yoga, seniors have taken a liking to Yoga as it includes many benefits for aging adult.

Top benefits of Yoga for seniors includes:

  1. Reduced aches and pains—Although yoga is a workout, many of the poses are gentle on the body and are meant to improve balance and stretch out the muscles. This allows you to exercise while helping reduce aches and pains in the body.
  2. Strengthen bones—Yoga for seniors can help prevent the onset of osteoporosis, which is a condition that causes bones to become brittle or weak. Many of the poses strengthen the body, including the bones.
  3. Decreased stress—The mental engagement during yoga has been shown to decrease stress and have a positive impact on your mood. The goal of yoga is to focus on the present moment, and not the worries and events of the future.
  4. Improve sleeping habits—The general calm produced by practicing yoga, particularly before bed, has been shown to improve sleeping habits.
  5. Enhance balance, flexibility, mobility and strength—Each yoga move is meant to focus on one or more particular areas of the body. When combined together, these poses help with balance and flexibility, while also increasing strength and mobility.

 At Robson Reserve, an incredible luxury senior community in Goodyear, our goal is to foster a community of wellness. We encourage residents to stay active and offer many classes, such as yoga, for them to do so. To learn more about our fitness classes or any additional information about Robson Reserve, contact us!

Posted by: Jessica Dingman in Health
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