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Benefits of Staying Engaged As You Age

Benefits of Staying Engaged As You Age

Retirement as we know it is changing. People are living longer, healthier lives, which means retirement should be a thoughtful part of our plan. Seniors have incredible experiences and talents they have accumulated over the years, and experts say the best thing they can do is stay engaged and share their experiences with others. Studies show that staying engaged contributes to our overall well-being and happiness.

Staying engaged can mean so many things, but it’s so much more than reading, puzzles or taking on a new hobby! Being truly engaged means using those talents to do things like volunteer, teach others and make meaningful connections with like-minded people that share in something we care about.

Take a look at our top five reasons to not just stay involved, but stay engaged as you age:

  1. Mental health and mood – Being engaged has shown to have a positive effect on mental health and mood. Studies suggest that isolation as we age is one of the leading factors in depression or decreased happiness in seniors, however, positive connections with others can lead to increased mood and overall mental health. At Robson Reserve, residents are encouraged to participate in the wealth of community events and activities to prevent isolation.
  2. Cognitive function – Engaging with others has also shown to have a positive effect on cognitive function. Studies show that seniors that stay engaged, tend to perform better on cognitive and memory tests, and may also decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s and memory related diseases. Our Life Enrichment Programs include a variety of cognitive activities throughout the month.
  3. Physical health – As it turns out, staying engaged affects more than just the mind and our mood. When we stay engaged with others, the body notices this positive effect and is said to release chemicals that help keep the immune system functioning well. It looks like connecting with others can help us keep those sick days away. In addition to the fitness center, seniors can play a game of Pickleball or participate in one of the many fitness classes that we provide.
  4. Meaning and purpose – More than anything else, studies show that individuals that feel a sense of meaning and purpose, live longer healthier lives. Although joining a gym, or a card club can potentially be the beginning to fostering meaningful relationships, it’s suggested that a lot of this meaning comes from being engaged with things we truly believe in or feel a sense of fulfillment from. This can come from things like volunteering or using talents that we have to help and share with others. Each day at Robson Reserve, residents can foster meaningful relationships with neighbors and staff.
  5. Community – Often times, being engaged can lead to joining a community of like-minded people, or fostering a sense of community with a group. Feeling surrounded by people that can provide social support and connection is incredibly important to our overall wellbeing. We encourage residents to participate as often as possible in our community events and activities to stay engaged.

To learn more about our activities, wellness programs and additional ways we keep residents engaged, give us a call at 623-440-6800.


Posted by: Jessica Dingman in Assisted Living Health Independent Living
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