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Benefits of Rosemary

Benefits of Rosemary

Imagine this: you’re making your family sauce recipe. As you start to chop the rosemary, you’re transported to the days of your childhood, cooking in the kitchen with your family. There’s no denying the deep connection our memories have with scents and aromas, but did you know certain scents have even more of an effect than bringing back memories?

While there are a number of studies and suggestions on how to improve memory function, one of our favorite at-home recommendations probably lives in your kitchen already. Look no further than your spice rack. We’re talking about rosemary. Fresh from your garden, dried, chopped, sprinkled, however you like it. While you’re probably used to just adding it as a garnish or stirring it into sauces, the benefits of rosemary certainly go beyond just adding flavor and aroma.

Rosemary contains iron, calcium, and vitamin B-6, as well as many other vitamins and minerals that are key to good health. Rosemary is historically known to help with many ailments, including improving mental function and cognition.

Studies have shown that after being exposed to the 1,8-cineole, a molecular component of rosemary essential oil, participants were able to perform better on visual processing tasks such as quick arithmetic, with higher doses associated with better speed and accuracy. While the exact reason why rosemary helps increase cognitive activity is unknown, some speculate that the high level of antioxidants fight free radicals. Either way, it’s clear that incorporating more rosemary into your life is worthwhile.

Here are a few ways to get started:

  1. Essential Oil Diffuser
    Essential oil diffusers are a great way to surround yourself with more rosemary, with the added bonus of a lovely smelling home. These devices dilute concentrations of essential oils and flood surrounding areas with the light scent through vapor. You can add other essential oils and create a unique blend for different benefits or a more dynamic scent.
  2. Topical Essential Oil
    Try applying rosemary essential oil directly to your skin or scalp. Rosemary can stimulate and improve circulation, which has a multitude of benefits, especially as you age. Topically applied, rosemary oil has been connected to hair growth, reduced joint inflammation and stress relief.
    Caution: Never ingest essential oils directly.
  3. Rosemary Tea
    Rosemary tea can be made hot or iced and is a tasty way to consume rosemary. In addition to being a memory booster, rosemary tea is also great for the digestive system, cools internal inflammation and cleanses toxins. You can purchase rosemary tea in bags, bulk, or simply steep dried or fresh rosemary leaves.
  4. Dried Rosemary Powder
    Not into tea but still want the digestive benefits of rosemary? Look for dried rosemary in supplement or capsule form. There are a number of supplements that either use pure rosemary or a combination of herbs that focus on improved cognition. Always consult your physician before adding a supplement into your regimen.
  5. In Cooking
    This might be the most obvious use of rosemary.You can add sprigs of rosemary into pasta, meat, bread, salads, the possibilities are endless. Rosemary is incredibly flavorful and can add a nice kick to your meal. The flavor and scent as you cook has the power to evoke cherished memories or can create more.

Rosemary has the ability to make you feel great inside and out. From improving memory retention to being a scent that recalls fond memories, there are so many reasons to add more rosemary into your life.

Posted by: Jessica Dingman in Health
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